We are Vancouver’s environmental garment cleaner, providing a complete range of high-end garment cleaning and alteration services for our discerning clients.

Discover our eco-friendly wet cleaning – an environmentally friendly solution to dry cleaning – and enjoy Canada’s first 24/7 garment pick-up and drop-off system.

We are located in the heart of Vancouver’s vibrant Village on False Creek.  Village Cleaners is your choice for superior quality and service that also makes a positive impact on your environment.

No solvents.  No chemical smells.  No environmental impact.


Sustainable German built pressing machines.


At Village Cleaners, there’s nothing we value more than the health and well being of our customers…and the planet. We strive to provide you the highest standard of customer service every day. Like you, we’re committed to making smart, eco-friendly choices for a sustainable future. Our goal: to be the leading choice of high-end garment cleaning and alteration services for the discriminating consumer.

Our state-of-the-art processes, fabric care expertise, and environmentally sound practices will allow us to deliver on all of our promises, every day, without ever compromising quality. Come in and discover the Village Cleaners difference today.

Premium industrial sewing machines.


Village Cleaners is pleased to provide competitive prices with superior customer service.  Please feel free to contact us at 604 707 1111 and we will be pleased to give you a more detailed price quote.  Here are a few of our prices:

Cotton dress shirt $6±

Blouse $14±

Suit jacket $18±

Suit pants $15±

Dress $22±

Skirt $15±

Sweater $14±

Queen comforter $45±

Pant hem $17±

Skirt hem $32±

Innovative Italian designed and manufactured conveyor system.


What is wet cleaning?

Wet cleaning is an environmentally friendly and safe solution to dry cleaning that uses water and non-toxic degradable detergents to clean fabrics.  Dry cleaning uses hazardous chemicals, generates hazardous waste, creates air pollution, and contaminates the soil.

In contrast, wet cleaning is more gentle than hand washing  your garments, is kind to sensitive skin, and leaves fabrics soft to the touch.  The process – using technology made and developed in Europe – is the safest method available for cleaning.  It protects your favourite garments, while also taking it easy on the environment, too.

Why is it better for the environment?

Wet cleaning uses water and biodegradable soaps and conditioners, along with special German equipment, to get your garments clean without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals.  The process is more effective than dry cleaning and leaves your garments softer, chemical free, and odourless.

If my garment label says “Dry Clean Only” are you able to clean it?

Yes.  Everything with the dry clean label – with the exception of leathers and suedes – are “wet cleanable”.

Is it more expensive to wet clean?

No, and it’s less costly to the environment – no air, water, or soil pollution.

How does the 24/7 kiosk work?

Using the 24/7 pick-up and drop-off kiosks is fast and easy.  Use of the kiosk requires pre-registration of a valid credit card.

    For pick-up:

1. Introduce your 10-digit telephone number (the one we have on account) and your 4-digit personal PIN.
2. Select “Pick-up”.
3. Pick up your garments.  NOTE: Please make sure you have everything!

    For drop-off:

1. Introduce your 10-digit telephone number (the one we have on account) and your 4-digit personal PIN.
2. Select “Drop-off”.
3. Select “Dispense bag” if you do not have your own bag.
4. Select “Print bag tag” if you do not have identification on your bag.
5. Pull the bin open and drop off your bag.


Sustainability is a core value of Village Cleaners.  We invest heavily into everything that matters to the environment, our community, our customers, and our employees.


Reusable garment bags are available for purchase for $5 each.  Garment bags may be used as a duffle bag for drop-offs and as a garment bag for pick-ups.  Each garment bag has a carrying strap, zipper, drawstring, and identification window.


All of our garment plastic bags used are oxo-degradable.  We urge all of our customers to purchase reusable garment bags in a drastic effort to cut down on waste.


We ask all our customers to bring back their metal hangers to us.  We recycle all metal hangers by sanitizing and reusing them.


All of our wet cleaning detergents are made of natural sources and are 100% biodegradable and safe to be disposed of into the municipal drain.


We have invested in the best machinery.  All of our machines are extremely energy efficient and have been manufactured to outlast industry life expectancies.

Our pressing and washing machines (Veit and Miele) are built and imported from Germany.  Our conveyor (Metalprogetti) is built and imported from Italy.  Our 98% efficient electric steam boiler (Riemer) is built and imported from the USA.  Our sewing machines (Juki and Sunstar) are built and imported from Japan.

We strategically monitor all equipment including their power and water consumptions.  All of our machines are CSA approved and well maintained to last.


Our entire store is lit with LED technology.  This reduces our electricity consumption, heat loss, and replacement occurrence.

Our ventilation system has been engineered to minimize heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) use by the effective removal of heat and steam.  In the summer, excess heat is removed, and in the winter, excess heat is used to warm the store.  Steam is immediately evacuated from directly above the pressing machines.


We do our best to notify our customers when their orders are ready via emails and telephone calls.  Thereafter, any garments or articles that have been left with Village Cleaners over 30 days are donated to local Vancouver family charities.

We use 100% water to sustainably clean your clothes.


Village Cleaners will always bend-over-backwards for its customers and employees.  The company prides itself into become one of BC’s best companies.


Village Cleaners is accredited by the Living Wage For Families Foundation.  We pay all of our amazing employees a sustainable living wage as set by the Living Wage For Families Foundation.  More information may be found at livingwageforfamilies.ca


We invest in quality equipment for a timeless performance.


Village Cleaners is located at Vancouver’s newest waterfront address, at the Village on False Creek (the former Olympic Village).  Our 24/7 Kiosk is ready for drop-off or pick-up at your convenience.

604 707 1111

1637 Manitoba Street, Vancouver BC  V5Y 0B8



Mondays to Saturdays  9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sundays and Holidays*  Closed

24/7  Drop-Off and Pick-Up Kiosk**

*New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, BC Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day, and Christmas Day.

**Kiosk access requires a credit card to have been pre-registered.


Bicycle parking is available directly outside our storefront.

Underground pay parking is available – entry is off of Walter Hardwick Avenue.

Street pay parking is available in our neighbourhood.

Located in the heart of the Athlete’s Village.  Accessible 24/7.